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Summer Rolls (2)

Gỏi Cuốn

Crispy Shrimps Rolls

Tôm chien cuon

Spring Rolls (2)

Chả Giò

Chicken wings with house special ( 5 )

Canh  G Chien

Grill chicken stick    Gᾲ Nứỏng

grill pork stick           Heo  Nứỏng

grill shrimps stick  

Tôm nướng



Choice of  toppings all soups are served with  fresh rice noodles in a bowl with hot boiling broth  ,

 come with bean sprouts, green peppers, slices of lime and (season) fresh sweet basil.

                                                              LARGE BOWL                   TÔ LỚN                  

                                                                                  SMALL BOWL                            TÔ NHỎ                         

                                                                                  Extra Bowl of Meat                      CHÉN THỊT                 

                                                                                   Extra Bowl of Noodle                CHÉN BÁNH               

                                                                                   Extra Bowl of soup or Rice         CHÉN SOUP                

                                                                                    Slices  Jumbo Onion in Vinegar                              


                                                          CHOICE OF TOPPINGS


        1.  TÁI, NẠM, GẦU, GÂN, SÁCH                                                            11.  TÁI, GẦU

         Slices of eye-of-round steak                                                                            Slices of eye-of-round steak

         well-done flank, fat brisket,                                                                             and fat brisket.

         soft tendon, and bible tripe.                                                                          12.  TÁI, NẠM

        2.  CHÍN, NẠM, GẦU, GÂN, SÁCH                                                           Slices of eye-of-round

          Slices of well-done brisket,                                                                             steak and well-done flank.

         well-done flank, fat brisket                                                                            13.  TÁI, SÁCH

         soft tendon, and bible tripe.                                                                            Slices of eye-of-round steak

        3.  TÁI, NẠM, GÂN, SÁCH                                                                          and bible tripe

         Slices of eye-of-round steak,                                                                          14.  TÁI, VÈ DÒN

         well-done flank, soft tendon,                                                                            Slices of eye-of-round steak

         and bible tripe.                                                                                                  and skirt flank

         4.  TÁI, CHÍN, GÂN, SÁCH                                                                         15.  TÁI

         Slices of eye-of-round steak,                                                                             Slices of eye-of-round steak.

         well-done brisket, soft tendon,                                                                       16.  BÒ VIÊN  

         and bible tripe.                                                                                                  Beef meat balls.

        5.   TÁI, NẠM, GÂN                                                                                     17.  GÀ LƯỜN  

         Slices of eye-of-round steak,                                                                            Chicken-White meat.

         well-done flank and soft tendon                                                                      18. GÀ ĐÙI

       6.   TÁI, NẠM, SÁCH                                                                                      Chicken- Dark meat.

         Slices of eye-of-round steak,                                                                            19.PHỞ ĐẬU HŨ CHIÊN    

         well-done flank, and bible tripe.                                                                       Fried Tofu .

        7.   CHÍN, NẠM, VÈ DÒN                                                                             20.   PHỞ KHÔNG THỊT

         Slices of well-done brisket,                                                                                Plain noodle soup

         well-done flank and skirt flank.                                                                            21.     PHỞ ĐỒ BIỂN

        8.    CHÍN, VÈ DÒN                                                                                        Seafood noodle soup

         Slices of well-done brisket,                                                                22.Vegetable Noodle Soup

         and skirt flank.                                                                                                

                                                                                                                                   Phở Rau

        9.  TÁI, CHÍN    

        Slices of eye-of-round steak,

        well-done brisket.                                                                             

      10.  TÁI, GÂN

      Slices of eye-of-round steak,

      and soft tendon



             *This item may be served under cook. Consuming raw or under cooked    

                      Meat ,poultry,seafood,shellfish or eggs may increase you risk of food borne illness          



B1.Grilled Pork Rolls on Vermicelli Bowl

Bún ChGiò Tht Heo Nướng

B2.Grilled Shrimp Spring Rolls on Vermicelli Bowl

Bún ChGiò Tôm Nư ớng

B3.Grilled Lemon Chicken @Spring Rolls Vermicelli Bowl

Bún Gà Nướng Chanh

B4.Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

Bún Bò Huế




                                             NEW SPECIAL









7 Items Rice Special  ( Grilled Sliced pork, Julienne Pork, Steamed Pork, Cake.Crispy Fried Egg ,Pork Sausago, Ground Shrimp Wrapped in Bean Curd Skin )












C1.  Grilled  Lemon Chicken on Rice

Cơm Gà Nướng Chanh                     


C2.  Grilled Lemon Grass Chicken on Rice

Cơm Gà Nướng                                  






C3.Pork Cake Grilled Pork Chop Julienne Pork and 

steam Pork Cake and Fried Egg

Cơm Sườn, Bì, Chả , Trứng           

C4. Grilled Pork Chop Julienne Pork and steam

Cơm Sườn , Bì, Ch                                                     





C5.  Pork BBQ On Rice Dish

Cơm Tht Heo Nướng       

C6.  Slices of Fried tofu on rice

com chiên đậu hũ                 






C7. Chicken wings special On Rice Dish

Cơm Gᾲ Chien                     





C8. Grill shrimps stick On Rice Dish

Cơm  Tôm nướng               

Note: Any order over $25 , you get a free soda

                     Any order over $50, you get a free appetizer